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The Roles of Technology in Delivering the Curriculum

The Roles of Technology in Delivering the Curriculum

(Lucideo, 2008)


1. How is the mastery approach better than the traditional one?

The mastery approach of the curriculum is better than traditional method of curriculum, because mastery approach is the outcome or end product of the Constructivism learning theory in which it maintained that humans generate knowledge and meaning from their self-activity and look forward on the mastery of the said activity as the end process of learning; hence, mastery approach underscore the students activity by using the medium of technology in their learning; while the traditional approach is the derivative of teacher-centered approach of the curriculum in which the method of teaching is focused on the rote learning and memorization and the teacher is the center of the curriculum.

2. The mastery approach appears time consuming and difficult. Do you believe practice and experience can overcome these difficulties?

To develop the mastery of the learning activities through the use of technology there are elements needed to be acquainted by the students, and these elements are “Effort, Errors, Practice and Knowledge.“ The effort of the learners is their actualization of their activity or other skilled learning models through the use of technology. And soon as they continue to make or operate the said activity they will discover there errors and may cause of wasting so much time and produce difficulty among the learners. Through the guidance of the teacher, these errors can be corrected. The teacher should provide practice and exercise to overcome the difficulties and minimize wasting of time. Practicing and exercising the students’ activities results in knowledge acquisition of the learners.

3. How can technology help in enrichment activities?

Technology and internet help in enrichment learners’ activity through the following aspect:

· Technology through internet provides factual and related information

· Technology introduce new teaching methods

· Technology give an opportunity to maximize learning

· Technology conceptualize the e-learning community

· Technology create an ample learning environment

· Technology maximize the learners’ output

· Technology means of innovative skills in learning

· Technology designed to meet learning excellency

4. Should the effective use of media be also assessed by the teacher? Why?

The effective use of technology and other media should be assessed by the teacher because even of the emergence of high-technology gadgets in the surface of education; there is no substitution of our very own HUMAN TEACHERS. Teachers have feelings and emotions that could facilitate and stimulate learning. Teacher is the active director of the scenery of the learning climax. Teacher guide and teach the learners with the proper and advance techniques in manipulating and operating technology integrated in the education of the modern man. Without the teacher there is no learning.

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